EDS is proud to work with Takushin-Kan Sports Chanbara Singapore to offer sports chanbara classes at our studio. 

Sports Chanbara (spochan) is a lively free-style Japanese combat sport that uses air-soft padded training weapons to simulate weapon fights. The practice of spochan aims to inculcate the spirit, grace and discipline of traditional swordsmanship in the practitioner, and is suitable for all ages.


Leading the classes at EDS is Spochan Instructor Leon Lee. Leon currently holds a 2nd Dan rank in spochan, and has been actively practising for the last 6 years. He recently represented Singapore at the inaugural TAFISA Open and the 42nd World Championship, picking up various awards in both competitions for the individual and team categories.


Leon will be conducting children's spochan classes every Saturday morning from 9 to 10am at EDS.


Click here for more details on children's spochan @ EDS

Instructor CV


  1. Black Belt (2nd Dan), Sports Chanbara

  2. Instructor (Class B), Takushin-Kan Sports Chanbara Singapore


  1. Inaugural Tafisa Open Championship, 2016

    1. Gold - Individual - Over 16 'Kihon' Division

    2. Silver - Team - 'Datotsu' Division

    3. Bronze - Team - 'Kihon' Division

  2. 42nd World Sport Chanbara Championship, 2016

    1. Bronze - Team - 'Kihondousa' Division​